Garmaine Staff asked 7 years ago

I have written a simple, working tetris game with each block as an instance of a class singleblock.

class SingleBlock
    SingleBlock(int, int);

    int x;
    int y;
    SingleBlock *next;

class MultiBlock
    MultiBlock(int, int);

    SingleBlock *c, *d, *e, *f;

SingleBlock::SingleBlock(int a, int b)
    x = a;
    y = b;

    x = 222;

MultiBlock::MultiBlock(int a, int b)
    c = new SingleBlock (a,b);
    d = c->next = new SingleBlock (a+10,b);
    e = d->next = new SingleBlock (a+20,b);
    f = e->next = new SingleBlock (a+30,b);

I have a function that scans for a complete line, and runs through the linked list of blocks deleting the relevant ones and reassigning the ->next pointers.

SingleBlock *deleteBlock;
SingleBlock *tempBlock;

tempBlock = deleteBlock->next;
delete deleteBlock;

The game works, blocks are deleted correctly and everything functions as it is supposed to. However on inspection I can still access random bits of deleted data.

If I printf each of the deleted singleblocks "x" values AFTER their deletion, some of them return random garbage (confirming the deletion) and some of them return 222, telling me even though the destructor was called the data wasn't actually deleted from the heap. Many identical trials show it is always the same specific blocks that are not deleted properly.

The results:

Existing Blocks:
Block: 00E927A8
Block: 00E94290
Block: 00E942B0
Block: 00E942D0
Block: 00E942F0
Block: 00E94500
Block: 00E94520
Block: 00E94540
Block: 00E94560
Block: 00E945B0
Block: 00E945D0
Block: 00E945F0
Block: 00E94610
Block: 00E94660
Block: 00E94680
Block: 00E946A0

Deleting Blocks:
Deleting ... 00E942B0, X = 15288000
Deleting ... 00E942D0, X = 15286960
Deleting ... 00E94520, X = 15286992
Deleting ... 00E94540, X = 15270296
Deleting ... 00E94560, X = 222
Deleting ... 00E945D0, X = 15270296
Deleting ... 00E945F0, X = 222
Deleting ... 00E94610, X = 222
Deleting ... 00E94660, X = 15270296
Deleting ... 00E94680, X = 222

Is being able to access data from beyond the grave expected?

Sorry if this is a bit long winded.