Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

This semester we learned about Divide and Conquer in which the problem is divided into subproblems and then solved just like in Merge Sort or Quick Sort.

Though I am not posting this question to get my assignment solved by you people , Our professor gave us an assignment to implement Bubble Sort as a divide and conquer algorithm , Now I'm sitting on my laptop scratching my head for days on how Bubble Sort can be divide and conquer algorithm.

If I try to implement Bubble Sort as divide and conquer the array must be divided , when I divide the array into its last element and then merge it back to its sorted form , The algorithm just becomes Merge Sort.
If I implement it by recursively calling bubbleSort(array,size-1) , the algorithm becomes Reduce and Conquer.

My question is "How can bubble sort be implemented as Divide and Conquer Algorithm ?"