Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

Was working through a clogged sink yesterday, had a partial flow, went to my parents for a bit, came back to find husband and roommate had decided to take it into their own hands, got some bleach smelling chemical and a plunger and there was no longer a partial flow. I should also mention we have a septic tank.

Watched this video:

Removed pea trap and confirmed clog isn’t there. The rest of my pipes differ from the video so I’m not sure how much I should remove. I was able to get a drain snake in the horizontal part but was unable to go down. There is a little thing near the bottom, black plug with a square twist thing. Not sure if it okay to remove that.

sink picture

circle with square knob thing Side view

Update, took the access plug thing out. Clog seems to be below that. enter image description here

Post two snakes. First snake made the water go down to where I could just see it. After second snake I can’t see the water. Our plumber previously gave us some Bio-Clean drain cleaner. Going to close everything up and treat the pipes with that, see where we stand after a few hours of that sitting.

after two snakes