Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

Strapi is a amazing platform for headless cms. However, i've been using Nuxt.js with SSR for a long time with Express. Now, i'm thinking about switch to Strapi to use it as a cms and API builder. I read that Nuxt.js can be used as middleware for Koa, and i tried use itdo that but without a success.

This is my code:

My code for nuxt middleware: (middlewares/nuxt/index.js)

const { Nuxt, Builder } = require('nuxt')

module.exports = strapi => {
  return {

  async initialize() {

    const nuxt = new Nuxt()

    // Build in development
      const builder = new Builder(nuxt)
      await (ctx, next) => {

      ctx.status = 200
      ctx.respond = false // Mark request as handled for Koa
      ctx.req.ctx = ctx // This might be useful later on, e.g. in nuxtServerInit or with nuxt-stash
      await nuxt.render(ctx.req, ctx.res)

my config/middleware.json

  "timeout": 100000,
  "load": {
    "before": [
    "order": [

    "after": [

When i use the settings above Nuxt.js work fine with no errors. Nevertheless using the same settings above i can't acces the Strapi admin panel or any else API built with Strapi.

I suspect the problem is with the router middleware, it doesn't call next().

Thanks in advance