Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

A week ago, my dad had shut off the main water supply to our house to repair a leaky shower head. Upon opening water supply, our faucets sputtered for a little while as they normally do and water pressure returned to normal throughout the house. However, one of the tubs upstairs sputtered normally, and suddenly had very low water pressure on the hot side.

The water pressure is fine when set to cold, but it is immediately reduced when moving from warm to hot. No other faucet in the house is facing this issue. When switching from the tub faucet to the shower head, the water pressure has the same problem.

I inspected the faucet by removing the faucet handle, closing the hot and cold water supply on the faucet valve, and removing the cartridge. I am no plumber, but I didn't see anything that looked obviously broken. After putting everything back together, the hot water pressure did not change.

Could the escaping air from turning the water main back on have caused something to get lodged in the hot water supply for just this tub? Is there anything else I should check before I call a plumber?