Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

Bathtub got clogged and we have a push-pull tub stopper, so I used a pop up drain wrench, and was able to unclog the tub after using a drum auger. However, putting the pieces back in has been impossible. The pipe looks like it's uneven, and that the drain was the only thing holding the pipe so the drain post won't screw in more than a few threads. I have tried hammering the drain post the opposite direction, placing the handle of a hammer in the drain and the hammer with another hammer (trying to move the pipe the smallest amount), placing a socket on the drain wrench handle for more leverage, and grinding down the fiberglass of the tub thinking that it would uncover the pipe enough for it to fit back in. There is another tub in the house, and I unscrewed the drain on that one and tried switching them, but could not get either of the drains to screw into the clogged bathtub however could get both drains to screw into the other bathtub. I am running out of ideas and can not move the pipe itself as I'm renting the 2nd floor of a house and accessing the pipe would mean cutting a hole in the wall of the bottom floor. ANY advice or suggestion would be GREATLY appreciated. I would be open to putting another drain down there but would not know if it would fit or how to tell without trying to shove it down there. enter image description here