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The image below is from Why does TDRS 1's inclination evolve so much differently than that of all the others starting in 1995? and I've used it a few other places as well:

Today I just noticed that in the early 2000's there was an existing triplet of TDRS satellites whose inclination was around 6 degrees and increasing and a new triplet deployed also at about 6 degrees, but also such that their inclination is decreasing!

Once those three (TDRS 8, 9, and 10) bottomed out and turned around and reached about 6 degrees continuing to increase, a second triplet was deployed at 6 degrees with decreasing inclination!


  1. When one deploys a satellite in geostationary orbit, how does one choose to deploy it in either an increasing or decreasing inclination state?
  2. Why are these TDRS triplets deployed in this manner?

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