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This question already has an answer here:”>What are the current travel restrictions on individuals entering the United States from regions affected by Novel Coronavirus? (1 answer)
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BBC News reports:

Under President Donald Trump, the federal government has banned non-citizens from coronavirus-hit regions entry, but US citizens are allowed back into the country after a two-week quarantine.

Does the US government publish a list of from where non-citizens are banned entry?

If yes, where can I find such a list?

I found a coronavirus page at, but this appears aimed at advising US citizens where not to travel. The entry ban is not (currently) mentioned on the U.S. Embassy in Rome website. I don't find it at CBP or DHS pages either. This IATA list linked from this related question hasn't been updated since 2020-03-02 (nine days ago) and may not be accurate (at least it clearly contradicts the BBC News report). The IATA list does not answer my question because it's not official information from the US government, and actually not even sourced to them. It also appears to only relate to Timatic, and thus be limited to flights.